“Lumina” Association has Finished Another Project. “Everything We’ve Proposed We’ve Completed!”

//“Lumina” Association has Finished Another Project. “Everything We’ve Proposed We’ve Completed!”

“Lumina” Association has Finished Another Project. “Everything We’ve Proposed We’ve Completed!”

More than five hundred professionals prepared to help children and young people suffering from life-threatening diseases, five hundred students involved in information campaigns, developing a working methodology on assisting children with incurable diseases and their parents are just Some of the objectives of the project “Palliative Care – Integrated Measures for Social Inclusion”, developed for 18 months by the Light Association in partnership with the General Directorate for Social Assistance and Child Protection (DGASPC) Bacau.

The project had a value of 925,854 lei, of which 833,268 lei represents the financing provided by the EEA Economic Grants (ESF) through the Romanian Social Development Fund, and 92,585 lei, the contribution of “Lumina” Association.

The closing conference of the project took place on Friday, at 11 o’clock, invited as partners and sponsors of the association. The motivation for this initiative is simple: the representatives of the “Light” Association have discovered that there are no palliative care specialists in Romania, as there is no methodology for assisting children and adults with incurable diseases.

“They are not specialists in this area because no school learns about what palliative care means, who needs to be offered, what it means and how to deal with the patient and the family,” says Mihaela Dumitrache, executive director.

Mara Matei, communication manager, made a history of this project, from identifying the need for training and writing the financing request to the actual training, information and methodology development activities.

The results of the project were presented, as well as the opinions of those who participated in the training. “In two days I learned more than in a lifetime,” one student admitted, while another said, “I understand I can act beyond the famous phrase ‘Sorry, but nothing can be done’ “.

This project has changed attitudes, developed skills, opened the heart and minds of those working with end-stage children. “When healing is no longer possible, it is our duty to take care of them,” added Mihaela Dumitrache.

“Congratulations to the beautiful team, a small team but with a big heart,” said Sorin Brasoveanu, president of CJ Bacau, after which he evoked the activity of “Lumina” Association, from the establishment of the Comanesti Residential Center and the “Albert” House from Luncani to the project Training and building the hospice on Calea Romanului.

“Today is a moment of balance, but it is certainly a new beginning for everything you do. I supported this project from the beginning, I did not know then that I would become the president of the CJ, and we will, as partners, contribute to the realization of the hospice, which is in a rather advanced phase, “said Sorin Brasoveanu.

Cezar Ivanof, a sponsor and partner, has been hard pressed to say a few words, stating that what the “Light” Association is doing is no longer anywhere in the country and that all bacauans who have financial or political power should get involved.

“I do not make this support, as a society, a title of glory,” explained Cezar Ivanof. I want to thank all those who have been involved here because it is not a benefit of image but a moral benefit that is good. “It sounds painful, but if these children,” who have days numbered ” They can not be helped to heal, they must at least be well cared for, to suffer less.

“Palliative Care – Integrated Measures for Social Inclusion” was the first training project in this field in Romania. The lack of specialists also explains the high demand for participation in this program: 800 requests, compared to 500 as was the capacity of the program.

“That means we have to continue and we will continue even if we have no funding,” said Mihaela Dumitrache. We continue training and we will continue to improve the quality of life of children with incurable diseases and their families. ”

The results of the project: 545 professionals from almost all counties (social workers, kinetotherapists, psychologists, occupational therapists, social workers and referees, educators) followed an integrated training program: training, job shadowing and coaching, which will lead to the development of competencies To provide quality services for palliating care; 500 students involved in 11 events (information campaigns, Open Doors Day, etc.); Developing the standard methodology and promoting the methodology; The organization of the National Palliative Care Conference; Setting up a counseling network, website, launch conference, closing conference.

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