United in the face of Illness!

//United in the face of Illness!

United in the face of Illness!

Between 24.07.2017 – 24.11.2017, Lumina Association implements a new project, funded by the Bacau County Council, based on Law 350/2005.

Diagnosis of incurable or life-limiting illness seriously affects both the patient and his family, the future depends on the effects that the disease has on them. There is certainly fear, guilt, the feeling of abandonment and helplessness, additional pressure on the family budget, the neglect of other family members due to the focus on health, anger and anxiety, depression, isolation. The social-medical services at home, within the day center and the summer school, emotional counseling and support services are a way to improve the quality of life during the time of death, a way to prepare the family to cope with both The illness period and the mourning period.
The aim of the project is to improve the quality of life and to increase the access to palliative care services for patients affected by an incurable disease in Bacau County through the social and medical services offered at home and at the day center.
The target group consists of patients diagnosed with an incurable or life-limiting disease in Bacau County.


O1: Provision of social-medical services at home for 50 patients diagnosed with incurable diseases.
O2: Provision of emotional counseling services and support to overcome crisis situations during the course of the disease for 10 members of families of patients diagnosed with life-threatening illnesses benefiting from the services provided by the Light Association.
O3: Provision of non-formal education services for 15 patients diagnosed with incurable disease, beneficiaries of the Light Association, through participation in summer school activities.
O4: Provide socio-medical services for 20 patients diagnosed with incurable disease, beneficiaries of the Light Association, by participating in day center activities.

Palliative care requires working in a multidisciplinary team that flexibly addresses the changing needs of the patient and family.

The focus of care is on the patient and the family and the aim is to help them have a good life and death as much as possible.

The family of a patient affected by the disease is in turn a “patient” for the palliative care network.

A care plan tailored to identified needs means hope for better things and preparation for what’s worse.

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