Social Assistance – Metodology Development

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Social Assistance – Metodology Development

This activity consists of developing a working tool for professionals in the social field, a methodology of work, provision of services in the field of palliative care to children and youth belonging to vulnerable groups exposed to social and economic exclusion, which need palliative care, modeled on best practices adopted by the team Hospice Lumina Association from St Christopher, the first hospice in the world.

Development of the methodology and adapt it to scale to serve DGASPCs and other NGOs, will make the following steps:

Centralization exactly how to assist children and young people who need palliative care and who are registered with the Association of Light at every stage, from patient identification to offering specific care and postasistare.

Consultation with experts designated by DGASPC Bacau, our partners in the project for adapting the existing procedures in the state system.

Making guide / methodology for service delivery.

Referral for consultation by as many GDSCCPs and NGOs at national level, to give a feedback.

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