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The project ,,Paliative Care – Integrated Measures for Social Inclusion” was implemented by the Association Lumina in partnership with the General Directorate for Social Assistance and Child Protection (D.G.A.S.P.C.) Bacau, during 28.04.2015- 16.11.2016.

The project was 925,854.25 lei, of which 833,268.83 lei financing through RO10-choral program financed by the EEA Grants 2009-2014 managed by the Social Development and the Romanian lei 92585.42 cofinancing from the Association of Light.

Care ,,Paliative Care – Integrated Measures for Social Inclusion” was a project funded with financial support of the RO10-CORAI, 2009-2014 EEA Grants funded program managed by the Romanian Social Development Fund.

The aim of the targeted increase access to palliative care for children and young people who belong to groups vulnerable to social exclusion and the counties of Bacau, Roman and Vaslui.

545 professionals from social services (social workers, physiotherapists, psychologists, occupational therapists, social referent, personnel providing direct services, social workers, educators) have followed an integrated program of training: training, job shadowing and coaching, which will lead to the development of skills for providing quality palliative care services.

11 events were organized in which 500 students, future professionals in social services were involved in an information campaign and events such ,, Open Day “.

A lobbying campaign was conducted in January and advocacy for the adoption of a new standard methodologies on assisting children and young people from vulnerable groups who need palliative care, by 12 providers of social services in Romania.
1 Methodology in Social Work was drafted and sent to D.G.A.S.P.C. nationwide to be tested;
They were initiated in June lobbying to promote methodology to assist in palliative care;
90 policy makers, representatives of D.G.A.S.P.C. nationwide, they attended the National Conference ,, palliative care, challenges and benefits “, Bacau organized on April 7 to 8, 2016;

12 specialists with different profiles, the decision makers in adminisitrarea DGASPC with team trainers and project manager have established a network of advisors in implementing the work methodology in palliative care social assistance in order to facilitate access to other institutions using the methodology.
They were organized 2 press conferences: 1 conference to launch the project in May 2015 and 1 closing conference of the project in the month of November 2016.