Bacau Hospice is a Model for Kristiansand

//Bacau Hospice is a Model for Kristiansand

Bacau Hospice is a Model for Kristiansand

A meeting on palliative care in Romania and Norway revealed new aspects that many professionals do not know. The event organized Wednesday by the “Light” was hosted by the County Council (CJ) Bacau.

Natasha Pedersen came from Norway, Trond Arne Bang Backer and representatives of the organization Föreningen for Barnepalliasjon of Kristiansand. Guests were welcomed by Sorin Braşoveanu, President CJ, and Cosmin Necula, Mayor of Bacau.

The conference was attended by executives and specialists of healthcare and social protection. “The project Palliative Care – Integrated social inclusion measures, financed by the EEA, I had the opportunity to browse our Norwegian partners so as to develop future projects of funding, said Mara Matt Light Manager of Communications Association.

I was lucky and I found the people at Föreningen for Barnepalliasjon. In August we were there and now they have come here, to see how we work. I’m downright impressed that things are moving in Romania, did not expect, but also the difficult conditions they fare our customers, the way in which parents have learned to manage their children’s disease and are convinced that the new hospice will make a big from Bacau difference in the community. ”

“Light” is not one!

On the next line of financing Association “Light” will develop a project with Föreningen for Barnepalliasjon (Association for Pediatric Palliative Care), which will be implemented both in Norway and Romania. Mihaela Dumitrache, association director, presented the draft basic “Palliative Care – Integrated measures for social inclusion”, in which there was exchange of experience with the Norwegians, a project that formed 540 professionals across the country and has developed a methodology the thing that was missing.

Sorin Braşoveanu County Council President, spoke about the importance of partnerships with NGOs in social services and congratulated the Association “Light”, assuring her that “is not alone in this equation.” Cosmin Necula mayor and congratulated the representatives of the association have failed to complete the project and said that social services should be provided by NGOs.

It is possible in Norway

Natasha Pedersen, President Föreningen for Barnepalliasjon, the first association of its kind in Norway, there is no palliative care being developed for children, agreed that NGOs offering high quality and cost effective. “But to develop palliative care requires government support, as you do here in Bacau” she added.

In Norway, palliative care became a priority, which is due to this organization, because there was nothing before. Föreningen for Barnepalliasjon focused on education and is now starting to raise funds for pediatric hospice first in Norway. “Returning home, will go to their mayor and ask themselves a piece of land to build a hospice,” said Mara Matthew, referring to the fact that the City of Bacau has secured land for the hospice, the Roman Way.

“It is impressive support that association receives light as an organization from authorities, said Natasha Pedersen. You have everything you need to go in the right direction! “How Norwegians want to be the best, they will discuss with the Minister of Health and will say” look what these guys doing in Romania and if possible in Romania, is perhaps in Norway “.

“This project’s new road, a new beginning. There are funding opportunities, and we have prepared the ground for these opportunities. Nothing is alone and Light Association is not alone in this equation, because the problems are the community of the county. ”
Sorin Braşoveanu, President CJ Bacau

“Social services are best provided by NGOs, the private partners and believe that the state should only hold a portfolio of control. Otherwise, the financial allocations should go to those demonstrating for years that know how to do much better this type of service. ”
Cosmin Necula, mayor of the municipality of Bacau

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